International Career Management, a professional student organization at OSU, designates to foster both international and domestic OSU students' comprehensive growth with the international perspective.

ICM proudly serves.

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Career Fair


We hold annual OSU International Career Fair in September to provide students with job and networking opportunities, focusing on global market, matching student elites with domestic as well as foreign corporations.


(Refer to our event reviews below as well as in event section.)



Bimonthly meetings


In our bimonthly meetings, we will invite professionals in various fields, OSU alumni and company representatives to share perspectives of theirs regarding selfgrowth and development.

Besides, we will hold small case competitions under international senario once a semester with other student organization or companies to give students chances to solve real-world problem as well as  the ICM Buddy Program (know more in the info&resource section), to help international and domestic students to interact with each other! 


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By working with school offices as well as off-campus partners, we will hold workshops depending on students' demand.

In addition, we will hold networking events, such as company receptions from time to time to provide students an intimate chances to build up their network.

 2019 OSU - ICM International Career Fair


Location: Cartoon Room at the Ohio Union, 1739 N High St., Columbus, OH 43210

Time: Wednesday 3 : 00 – 6 : 00 PM, September 18, 2019

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This is a non-profit event hosted by International Career Management (ICM) with the supports from Buckeye Career Office and Arts and Sciences Career Success Center.


2019 Liepin x ICM: This is the Hunting Ground


Recruiters from Liepin, Easy Transfer, China Telecom and CoMedia attended our Talk Show part and actively interacted with our 6 candidates from the Ohio State University. 6 candidates made presentations about themselves, answered questions from recruiters, and express solutions to business cases. All of them received great feedbacks after the Talk Show.

During the networking part, students from all around OSU communicated with recruiters and gave out their resumes. ICM is glad to see students benefit from our events in career development.


It is worth noting that one of our candidates got selected to attend a career conference in Washington D.C. this April. Some students who attended our events also received cash prizes. Congratulations to them.


Our Sponsors and Guests


Haozhuan Li


Shaojie Lv


Jennifer Yang


Demin Wang


Lingxi Kong

2019 Graduate School Summit


The Summit will bring together professionals from different academic fields and students who are seeking information and advice for graduate schools and working career. The first hour will be the panel discussion with free networking afterward. Topics that will be discussed at the panel are tips on graduate school application, working experiences VS. a higher degree, and GRE/GMAT preparation for native and non-native English speakers. Students can also ask the panelists whatever questions they may have on any subjects. The second hour will be separate presentations by admission officers from TOP 20 Universities.

Our Guest Speakers

John Montana

  • Wake Forest University, School of Business

  • Director of enrollment management

Paul Hernandez

  • University of Notre Dame

  • Associate Director of Admissions

    Graduate Business Program

Eric VandeVoorde

  • Purdue university, College of engineering

  • Director of Professional Engineering Master’s program

John Montana

  • Illinois Gies College of Business

  • Director for Recruitment and Admissions

Maxwell Steele

  • The Ohio State University

  • Graduate Assistant & Career Consultant of Career Counseling and Support Services Office of Student Life

ICM & BDAA - Amend Case Competition


ICM collaborated with Big Data and Analytics Association

We organized the Amend Case Competition with the support of Amend Consulting. Students practiced their data analytic skills in producing business reports of Superstore’s sales and revenues and had the opportunity in networking with Amend Project Lead.


2017 OSU International Career Fair

As ICM has realized the demand for career services among OSU international student years ago, ICM has been making differences on this issue by holding annual International Career Fair as well as other career related events on and off campus. This year, ICM International Career Fair is proudly included in OSU Career Event Calendar, by doing which the OSU Buckeye Career office has shown great support as well as great recognition to us.

For This year, we had a great combination of companies at 2017 International Career Fair, recruiting students both back to China and within U.S, across various industries (banking, marketing, HR, education, CSE, Auto and etc.) Attending students were also very diverse and they all had great communication with the recruiters. 

We are so happy to see much more progress this year than it was last year and we will continue to improve our events according to the feedback.

“Peer-to-peer interaction is critically important to student development, including for growth in areas such as financial literacy, personal wellness and career development. That is why I am so proud of the students who created the International Career Management student organization at Ohio State. College is a transformational time for students, a time in which they explore who they are, learn about others, acquire professional skills that will last a lifetime and make commitments about the type of leader and citizen they will be. The International Career Management student organization will help provide our students with even more opportunities to have these foundational experiences and conversations, with a special focus on global opportunities and international perspectives. I applaud the effort to connect more and more Ohio State students with international career opportunities in innovative ways. I look forward to celebrating the many successes this group is sure to achieve.”

– DrJavaune Adams-Gaston, Senior Vice President of OSU

“Students who study abroad create tremendous value and impact to the workplace and the organization. From my previous experience managing a global team in a Fortune 50 organization, they help bridge cultures, provide broader perspectives and views, and are very adaptable in an ever-changing, global economy. It’s exciting to see the International Career Management (ICM) to help encourage global reach and make positive impact on students and to organizations and communities around the world.”

-  Nancy Thompson, Director of Buckeye Careers

"The leaders of the ICM saw a need on this campus and quickly rallied to launch events directed at helping international students to make connections with employers in their home countries and those in the US with a history of hiring those approved for OCT or OPT.  In its short tenure, the group has made great strides to broaden the availability of career events on campus for international students, as well as domestic students, and I’m honored to be their advisor. The membership is highly motivated to build strong resumes and to enhance their readiness for career level employment.  Their enthusiasm is contagious!"

-Ford Stephanie, Director of Arts and Sciences Career Services Office, Advisor of ICM




Our Mission

We, International Career Management, dedicate to serve OSU students in terms of self-development as well as personal growth by providing professional services in academics, career and comprehensive wellness.