2018 OSU Chinese Career Forum
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2018 OSU Chinese Career Forum

Every fall, numerous undergraduates studying abroad are occupied with hunting job opportunities in the United States or in China. For international students who wish to stay in America, they are encountering with the extremely strict policies. Because of the pressure of the sponsorship, most of the companies in the U.S. make their positions so competitive that international students hardly attain jobs.

For international students who want to return to China, they will be facing a completely unfamiliar labor market. After studying and living abroad for years, international students are lack of social knowledge as well as networks with local companies. Consequently, it is challenging for them to find an ideal job.

As ICM endeavors to assist OSU students with their career paths, we are committed to organizing 2018 OSU Chinese Career Forum, in which international students will be exposed to panel discussions and presentations from experienced professionals addressing on how to successfully hunt a dream job opportunity in the United States or in China.

The Chinese Career Forum will be divided into panel discussions, presentations, and resume collections. By inviting professionals to share his or her career advice, we hope to help international students clear with their career paths and start hunting for job opportunities.

Topics of the forum

How to filter American companies to locate positions with sponsorship

Different work market trends in different major fields

The process of recruitment in China

The timeline of preparing for career fair sessions

Suggestions for the resume and interview preparation

 students apply link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSex2YSEPfWfTNCoykvbzq8eVf4wrxXEfvi5fj6sc1BiC5lBLg/viewforms

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